In Which I Talk About the Gays and Whatnot

Today I spent my lunch period skipping class. I know, I know. I’m ‘bad’. Shame on me, blah blah blah. I don’t regret it. Anyway, my friends and I were helping to sell wristbands and cranes for Japanese club. They’re selling them to help Japan. It’s a great cause and I wanted to show support for this cause. And so commenced my awkwardness. I yelled out to people. I called people over to our booth, people I’d never met nor saw before. I called them by t-shirt color, by the jeans they wore-anything. I used an auctioneer voice. I told people that I loved them. At one part I told a guy that he could “buy a crane for your sweet heart…or your boytoy. Whatever floats your boat.” All these things embarassed my friends. I was the loud drunk friend in a bar who keeps yelling, “You know what? I love guys! You’re so cool. Let’s hang out more.” to everyone he’s just met.

My friend Tia was participating in the Day of Silence (She wrote her blog entry on the subject and why she supports the gays here) , in honor of LGBT people. We joked that had she been able to talk, she could have stopped me. Anyway, I began with this story because I wanted to talk about the Day of Silence (and also share how much I make my friends embarassed. It’s quite a gift I have). It’s a day that’s meant to point out the lack of a voice that many lesbian, gay and bisexuals have. We exclude them. We bully them. We restrict their right to love. The Day of Silence is one of those things that’s there to point this out. It’s there to point out just how intolerant we can be. It’s a shock and awe campaign at heart, something there to make people ask “Why aren’t you talking?” and go “Oh, I didn’t know that was happening.” It makes people think.

Tia said, “I want to coexist with the people of the world. I don’t have to always like or support them, I just have to live my life and stop trying to interfere in their way of life. If you want to be against homosexuals, fine, you don’t have to support the idea, you just have to let them live their lives and receive all the benefits of being citizens of the United States of America. It just irks me when people refuse to get along. I could argue for hours about it, and get really upset because I can’t help but think what if it were me?” in her blog post about the subject. The last part really makes you think. What if it were you? What if it were you that was being harassed? You would care.

Sexuality doesn’t define us. Our personalities do. Our choices do. Sexuality is neither good nor evil. And I really do believe that it’s genetic to a point. I mean, do you really think that in this intolerant society that someone would choose to be gay? You think they’d choose to be gay in a society where they wouldn’t even be able to marry their lover, where they would be discriminated against, harassed, bullied? They’re told that God hates them, that they’re going to Hell. Who would choose that? What person in their right minds goes “Yep, that’s the life I want.” Sexuality is something deeply ingrained in a person. It is unchangeable. We need to understand this if we’re to better ourselves as people.



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