A Life Lived Full; A Poem by Savanna Snead

Cherub-shaped girl, growing into
Woman and Crone. Creation more
Serene than the CRACK! of plates
shifting angrily beneath all, forming
mountain and volcano from chaos.

as a Girl, running wild
in an eternal summer, cuddling
a tattered and loved bear,
She sucks a thumb that
still tastes of dirt and
adventure. Laughter as She caught
a frog by the creek,
how it wriggled through her
fingers and bounced away. Licking
sticky sweet syrup from her fingers.

in Adolescence, She finds warmth
in four eyes connecting, crinkling
in wry smiles, shy kisses
on the porch, embraces in
the dark, togetherness in legs,
tongues and hands moving to
a primal beat as they
danced around the fire of
their passion. And when winter
came, dimming the sun, twisting
vines came to annihilate the
red-brick walls of the
dream they’d hidden themselves in.
She found the emptiness of
sorrow – red-rimmed eyes accusing
all, wailing in the night,
unfiltered despair as potent as arsenic.

in Womanhood, She learned joy-
mouth opening wide as tinkling
laughter spills out, a disease
to all that hear it.
She learns to love kneading
dough, dressed in a cloak
of flour, knitting thick woolen
sweaters, digging up turnips, coaxing
life out of the earth, to
love the man who wears
the mangled red sweater and
eats handfuls of burnt bread,
professing that it’s his favorite.
He slips an arm around
her waist and they dance
to a symphony heard only by their ears.

Motherhood begins with spring, bringing
two fetuses, floating idly in
her lifeblood. She hums as
she runs fingers over the
enlarged belly, baffled by creation.
Time comes to her dressed
in a soft breeze, tickling
her cheek as she slumbers,
bringing two girls – one soft-spoken,
the other tall and proud.
summer colored days pass, full of love.

She embraces Old Age. Back grows
crooked and formerly limber parts
ache. Wrinkles form in the
soft skin, etched into the
body like tattoos of time.
the end comes,
like decaying roses-red-in
an autumn wasteland. There
is a soft whisper of
a breath, exhaled, then gone into the air.



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