Sexual Standards

Look at the differences between those two videos. The latter requires you to be eighteen to watch. I mean, way back when, Sheree’s video was the height of risque. It was naughty, it was shunned. And now when I watch it I just see grace. It’s a beautiful and sensual dance. The other one isn’t. Showing off your ass and flaunting all your parts just isn’t appealing in the same way. I can’t interpret the second as a work of art. I don’t think it will ever be seen as a work of art, like Sheree’s video. It’s just softcore porn.

What is sensual has changed so much in the last hundred years. Once, seeing a woman’s ankle was enough to get a guy up and ready. We’ve lost sight of the little things that can be attractive and visually appealing to people. Now it’s sex and boobs and dicks. There’s no beauty like Sheree’s dance anymore. We give pole-dancing classes and call that art. It’s bullshit. To me, her dance is more beautiful and sensual than any girl flaunting her tits and ass.


One thought on “Sexual Standards


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