It Just Ain’t Easy

“A One Inch Frame”, Tia Hieres

I sit down at the computer and open a word processor. My fingers are on home row, but I can’t get started. It’s like I have two days to build a city and I’m standing in the middle of my land with merely a bucket of cement and a brick. And I’m finding myself on the brink of the impossible. I take a deep breath, and think back to Friday, and the piece that was read to us in class. Anne Lamott, from her essay “Bird by Bird”, “Short Assignments, in which Lamott tells us to calm down and start out small. (

I build the foundation of the first house, and bit by bit, I find myself writing my first blog entry of the week. One step at a time. It’s a lot of homework, but I’ve got a lot of time. I can do this. I’ve seen myself write a whole essay in a half-hour, and I can do it again, if I can narrow my eyes. I can make myself sit down, grit my teeth and do this. And so can you. Even if it feels like the waves are going to swallow you up, you can swim. (
Take some breaks too, because life isn’t just about working (no matter what they want you to believe) life is about playing ping pong to the white album, learning how to knit, stopping everything else you’re doing to tell your friend that she is beautiful no matter what some jerk said, and playing soccer in the snow. It’s important to get your work done, but it’s more important to play. Have faith, you’ll get it done on time, if you just believe and take it one bird at a time.

I feel exactly the same way. Sometimes it’s just so hard to sit down and write. Especially for my school blog.




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