A Poem Written By A Great Friend

This is a poem from one of my greatest friends. She wrote it for me because I’m currently grappelling with depression and anxiety. I’ve been have panic attacks and I’ve missed classes because of them for a week. She texted it to me by my mom’s phone. Her poem made me cry. She even put the “anna says smile” which is my username for everything and what she has me under for her phone. Here it is:

Anna says smile
so why can’t she?
filled with passion,
wrapped with smarts,

She’s got our hearts;
and when she’s falling apart,
she need only call,
we’ll be there,

For her,
through it all,
my crazy friend
as crazy as me,

We could’ve been sisters,
couldn’t we?
if I can do anything,
so can you!

We’ll go together,
face the unknown
but never alone.

If you’re reading this Tia, know that you’re the best friend a girl could have. ♥



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